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JR Brakes

JR Brakes offer you a variety of bespoke services and repairs. From brake pads inspection to a replacement, A/C recharge, and springs replacement, we provide you services that keep you moving safely and smoothly on the road.

Break Pads

Whether you require brake pads replacement or service, having a certified automotive technician can help you safely get back on track in no time. Brakes are one of the essential safety elements on a vehicle, for which the brake pads do most of the work. Without having proper functioning brake pads, you’ll never be able to stop your vehicle. Your car’s brake pads enable your vehicle to stop or slow down.

At JR Brakes, our specialized automotive professionals provide mobile brake pad inspection and replacement services. Our experts will thoroughly check your brake system and guide you accordingly. We also recommend options that you can choose from for quality brake pad replacement.

So, are your brakes making a squeaking, grinding, or squealing sound? Worry no more. Call us today and get your brake pads replaced by our professionals in no time.

A/C Recharge

The air conditioner of your vehicle helps to keep your vehicle cool by removing heat and humidity. Every vehicle’s AC consist of a component called refrigerant. The refrigerant in you’re A/C keeps a cool environment inside the car. Malfunctioning refrigerants can lead to a poor cooling system.

At JR Brakes, we provide you A/C recharge service that keeps your vehicle refrigerant running. We offer proper vacuuming of your old refrigerant. Our experts take all the precautionary measures when refilling your AC with a fresh refrigerant. It is then followed by a thorough inspection of the air coming from your vehicle’s vent to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Check your car A/C systems before the next heatwave and get it to recharge by professionals at JR Brakes. Just call our experts a call, and they will come to you!


Just like any other component of your vehicle, the springs in your vehicle’s suspension are crucial for absorbing road impact. Replacing damaged or mushy springs in time will protect your car and help it run smoothly. Experts at JR Brakes suggest that you get your car’s springs inspected at regular intervals as it is pretty easy for your vehicle springs to wear out.

At JR Brakes, our technicians know all about how to perfectly replace your vehicle’s springs to make your ride bump-free. After conducting a thorough inspection of your car’s springs, we also offer and recommend our extensive range of quality springs, from which you can choose. If required, our experts also perform maintenance work while we replace your vehicle’s springs.

Are you in search of an automobile company that provides you mobile spring replacement services? Look no further. JR Brakes guarantees to offer you hassle-free vehicle spring replacement service that too at your doorstep.